PBIS - Positive Behavioral Intervention System

PBIS Mission
The PBIS mission is to develop and cultivate a school community of mutual respect and responsibility by building positive relationships.

Rewards & Incentives
At SSI students will have the opportunity to be recognized, acknowledged and rewarded for their display of positive social skills reflective of the three R’s (Respect, Responsibility and Relationship building). Read more about rewards here.

Character Education Lessons
SSI students will be learning the three R’s through monthly character education and advisory lessons. These lessons will cover defining respect, responsibility and positive relationship building, while incorporating these themes into developing traits through the IB Learner Profile, such as being principled, caring and open-minded.

PBIS and Parent Support/Involvement
Parent support and involvement in the SSI PBIS program is an essential partnership in meeting our goals of instilling and reinforcing the values of respect, responsibility, and positive relationship building so they may serve as school and community role models and citizens.


Some suggestions in how you can help instill and reinforce the three R’s are:


  • Following school policies regarding student dress code, attendance and conduct.
  • Greetings (hello, good-bye), please, thank you, you’re welcome.


  • Check student planners daily and Edline frequently.
  • Be on-time for school and class.
  • Assign chores and duties at home
  • Allotted daily reading and study time.

Positive Relationship Building

  • Being involved in extra-curricular activities and community service projects
  • Attending school events such as Back-to-School Night, Parent Conferences, International Night, Spring Showcase, music and choral concerts, etc.

If you have questions about PBIS, please contact Ms. Rizkallah and Mrs. Labbate, PBIS Program Coordinator or Ms. Shorts, PBIS Administrator.