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Breakfast and Lunch Programs (Meals)


Free Breakfast Program

Cafe muralStudents at Silver Spring International Middle School have the opportunity to eat breakfast at school each morning at no charge. Breakfast includes milk, juice or fruit, and an entrée such as a muffin or cereal and graham crackers. Breakfast is available to students during the 1st period of the day in their classrooms from 7:55 until 8:20 a.m.

This program, called Maryland Meals for Achievement (MMFA), is funded by the federal School Breakfast Program and the Maryland State Department of Education. Research shows that this program helps students do better in class and improves attendance and tardiness. Staff in classroom breakfast schools also report that students complain less often about being hungry and tired.

Typical Weekly Breakfast Menu

  • Monday - French Toast
  • Tuesday - Sausage & Cheese on English Muffin or Turkey Ham & Cheese on English Muffin
  • Wednesday - Whole Grain Mini Bagel with Cream Cheese
  • Thursday - French Toast Sausage & Cheese on English Muffin or Turkey Ham & Cheese on English Muffin
  • Friday - Cinnamon Roll
  • Orange juice or apple juice and milk served daily

Lunch Info


Cafe tablesThe Café provides hot lunches every day, as well as “a la carte” items including milk and ice cream. Prices are announced at the beginning of the school year and menus are posted daily in the Café. Menus are posted online each month.

Students are expected to work cooperatively to keep the Café clean. Students are to remain seated throughout the lunch period and to speak in conversational tones. With permission, students will be able to go to the Media Center.

Students are expected to walk through the halls quietly, to and from lunch, to avoid disturbing classes that are in session.

Pin Numbers

Students will be assigned a “PIN” number for daily use in purchasing lunch in the Café. The system may also be used for pre-payment of meals. Parents should write a check addressed to the school that will be deposited in the student’s account. Students may use this system to avoid carrying cash to school to purchase meals., a new online service that allows parents to make prepayments to their child’s cafeteria account with a credit/debit card. Once the myLunchMoney account is established, you can check balances, view student purchases, set up recurring payments, and receive low balance e-mail notification. Prepayments will generally be available at the school the next day.

 Go to and click on “Enroll Now.”