Early Child Development Program

SHS Preschool Lab Program is now accepting applications for the 2024- 2025 school year.

This unique program provides a quality educational experience for preschool children and high school students who are eager to work and learn together. The high school students, under professional supervision, plan and lead developmentally appropriate activities for young children in career preparation for future roles as childcare workers, parents, teacher related professions. High school students receive in-depth training in advance of the preschool lab opening, followed by weekly seminar classes.

The Sherwood High School Child Development Preschool Lab Application Procedures: 

  • Children who will be 4 years old by September 1st are eligible to participate in the Preschool Lab Program during the 2023-2024 school year. If space allows, we can accept 3-year-olds who are developmentally ready. 
  • Children must be fully toilet trained
  • Since many different high school students will be teaching the children, the program is designed for the prekindergarten child who can cope with daily changes and flexible scheduling
  • The program runs from mid-October through most of May
  • Preschool Lab will typically be held Monday-Thursday
  • Parents and students will be invited to an orientation in October prior to the first day of preschool 
  • Tuition is $300 for each semester, a total of $600 for the year
  • After you receive notification that your child is in the program you will be asked to complete other paperwork

Please email the Sherwood application to Nicole_A_Berry@mcpsmd.org. Once you receive notification that your child has been accepted you will receive a list of other required paperwork and tuition. 



Mrs. Nicole Schneider
Email: Nicole_A_Berry@mcpsmd.org

Program Completion Requirements

  • Child Growth and Development EDU2029 1A/B

This course focuses on child development birth through adolescence with emphasis on preschool development. Theories of development, the role of caregivers, family, health, safety and contemporary issues will be introduced. Students will explore special challenges to growth and development and will have opportunities for guided observation of children in a variety of settings. Students will begin to compile artifacts and written competency statements that are aligned with the required Child Development Associate portfolio guidelines for preschool. Students will explore career pathways in Early Childhood Education and Child Care. After a rigorous training period, students become part of a team of teachers responsible for the day-to-day workings of a lab school.

  • Advanced Learning Environments for Preschoolers EDU2031 2A/B

Students will learn to be reflective practitioners using research-based methods of teaching and working with children. Students will analyze data, interpret, and apply educational theories, use technology as a teaching tool, and apply developmentally appropriate teaching practices in classroom and field experiences. They will demonstrate leadership skills in communication, critical thinking, and problem solving. Assuming increased responsibilities for program management, students will develop and implement age-appropriate learning experiences for preschoolers. Upon completion of Child and Adolescent Development 2 Advanced-level, and all certification requirements, students will be eligible to apply for the 90 + 9 Clock Hours Certification.

  • Child Development Associate: Internship/ Portfolio honors EDU2032 3A/B

This course is on-site at Sherwood in the preschool lab. This course focuses on establishing positive, responsive, and cooperative relationships with families. Students will explore the local social service, health and education resources of the community and be able to recommend home activities to support preschool development. Students will observe, document, and assess preschool early childhood development using multiple sources of evidence to set goals and develop lesson plans accordingly. Students will become familiar with local child- care regulations and adhere to professional mandated reporting requirements related to abuse and neglect. Students will continue to develop components of a professional CDA preschool portfolio.

  • Child Development Associate Internship EDU2028

The internship is the final course of the Preschool Child Development Associate (CDA) Program of Study. This course will provide opportunities for students to link course content to theory in early childhood education preschool care as well as apply knowledge in a preschool classroom setting. Students will complete the CDA Preschool professional portfolio, prepare for the CDA proficiency exam and site visitation.