The PAWS Program at

Carl Sandburg Learning Center

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The PAWS or (Positive Actions with Students) program is our school-wide behavior management system that focuses on the following principles:

Teaching appropriate behavior in all school settings

Re-teaching appropriate behaviors when expectations are not met

Recognizing or praising when behavior expectations are met

The PAWS program is based on the PBIS (Positive Behavior and Interventions and Supports) model and is adapted to meet the needs of our student population.

At Sandburg our behavior expectations are defined as demonstrating: Good Listening, Good Talking, Quiet Hands and Feet, and Good Working. If students demonstrate these expectations, they receive smiles on their PAWS chart which leads to classroom based incentives. We also have a school store for students to earn as well.

The PAWS program is data driven. All students have a PAWS chart which collects data on the positive behaviors expected throughout the day. The data is analyzed weekly and used to plan behavior support for the whole school and for specific student needs.

The PAWS program also has a large emphasis on teaching social and emotional skills. Two times a month our students attend PAWS Parties which contain instrucion and practice on skills such as self control, body awareness, calming strategies, relationship building,etc.. based on the SEL wheel from CASEL.

PBIS World 

Resources for Parents:

PAWS chart for Home PAWS chart for Morning  
Home matrix Out in the Community Matrix

Social stories for everyday activities that are free and available in PDF format to download and print.  Parents can then adapt any story content for their specific needs.

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