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Please visit the following website for more information: 


Student Enrollment for 2020-2021
Do you have an upcoming Kindergarten student or a child new to Rosemont?
Start the enrollment process now!
Visit the website at https://bit.ly/MCPS_Registration_Survey or call (240) 740-5999 for any questions. 


Our Mission 

 Ar Rosemont Elementary School we are COMMITTED to building a community
of lifelong learners.  Together we will-
- foster positive Relationships with students,
staff and families;
-deliver Rigorous instruction; and
- achieve Results for our students. 


The Rosemont Way 

I am responsible, respectful and ready.
I will always try my best.
I will be responsible for my learning
and my behavior.
I will not use my hands or words to hurt anyone.
   I will be trustworthy and treat everyone with respect.
I am ready to learn.