FIVE expectations for the yearbook

  1. Write your name in ink in your yearbook.
  2. Do not deface or write nay inappropriate language or profanity in anyone's yearbook.  Remember, most likely your yearbook will be shared with family, relatives, and friends.
  3. Students, it is your responsibility to maintain your yearbook. Also, if one of your friends entrusts you with their yearbook, you should not share it with someone else and allow them to write in the yearbook without the owner's permission.
  4. Do not leave your yearbook on the stage or on the shelves in the cafeteria.  Your yearbook could mistakenly be picked up by someone else.
  5. So the overall message is:  RESPECT your Yearbook, RESPECT Your Friend's Yearbook, RESPECT Others' YEARBOOK too.  Thank you.

          Dr. Jones