Student Home Use Chromebook Request Form

Student Home Use Chromebook:


Student Home Use Chromebook Request Form

Students, parents, and MCPS staff can use this form to request a home use Chromebook for MCPS students who do not have access to a personal or home device and are attending a school, and grade level, returning to a classroom Chromebook cart model. When a request for a device is fulfilled, it will be pre-assigned in the inventory system, and the device will be delivered to the school for distribution to the student. The home use device is to be kept at home. Requesting the device implies consent of use in accordance with MCPS policy (IGT-RA) and acknowledgement that the Chromebook, software, and issued peripherals are owned by MCPS.

Los estudiantes, los padres y el personal de MCPS pueden usar este formulario para solicitar un Chromebook de uso doméstico para los estudiantes de MCPS que no tengan acceso a un dispositivo personal o doméstico y vienen asistiendo a una escuela y nivel de grado, volviendo a un modelo de carro de Chromebooks del salón de clases. Cuando se completa una solicitud de un dispositivo.


  • For students who are attending a cart model school and do not have access to a home/personal device, parents and MCPS staff can fill out the Student Home Use Chromebook Request form on behalf of the student.


  • The student’s information will be verified for take-home device eligibility, and then a Chromebook will be sent to the school to be checked out by the student. 
  • Students will not be required to transport home-use Chromebooks to and from school. 
  • English flyer
  • Spanish flyer.