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Special Education Departments

Telephone: 240-740-6152


SESES Cluster Program Coordinator:
Mr. Aaron Bernstein

Special Education Resource Teacher:
Ms. Katie Caldwell

Special Education Transition Support Teacher:
Mrs. Lisa O'Brien


The Richard Montgomery High School Special Education Team is a dedicated partnership between special educators, paraprofessionals, related service providers, and parents united by a common responsibility to guarantee that students with learning differences access and make progress in the general curriculum.  As life-long learners who model, implement and share best practices for inclusive education, the members of our partnership seek to ensure that all students feel valued, safe, and successful as they strive to achieve their greatest potential.

Resources for students and Transition Services - For more information contact Lisa O'Brien or visit the following website

Resource Department - LAD Teachers


Ms. Katie Caldwell
Resource Teacher
Ms. Lisa O'Brien
Transition Support Teacher
   O'Brien, Lisa
Ms. Sheryl Stevens 
  Speech & Language Pathologist 
Ms. Teresa Boyd 
Math / Resources 
 Stevens, Sheryl  Boyd, Teresa
Ms. Rebecca Brown 
Ms. Jaclyn Cular
English 9 & 10
 Brown, Rebecca  Cular, Jackie
Mr. Glenn Del Favero
NSL Government    

US History
 Del Favero, Glenn   

Ms. Lynn Taylor 
English 11
    Taylor, Lynn

Ms. Gloria Bustamante
    Bustamante, Gloria  
Ms. Nely Gama
Ms. Paula Sahr
  Gama, Nely
Mr. Ryan Stec



SESES (formerly ED Cluster) Department 

The SESES Program at Richard Montgomery High school is a special education program that provides educational support to students experiencing significant emotional, behavioral and social difficulties in school. Through the implementation of an Individual Education Plan (IEP), educational supports are given so that students may experience success in the academic and social environments at Richard Montgomery. The Cluster program staff identify developmentally appropriate learning strategies and interventions that are implemented throughout a student’s day at school. The program consists of 5 teachers and 7 educational assistants. In addition, there is a program coordinator and mental health support team. This consists of a psychologist, social worker and behavior support teacher. Students are provided with a full continuum of services, ranging from self-contained academic classes to full inclusion in all general education classes and school-wide activities.  


Mr. Aaron Bernstein
SESES Coordinator

Ms. Julie Oldham
SESES Social Worker
 RM Rocket  

Ms. Bola Oniya

Ms. Monique Scott-Hayes
Mrs. Brianna Uribe-Ramos
Ms. Takeeta Taylor
 Uribe-Ramos, Brianna Taylor, Takeeta
Mr. Tavares Cooper

 Cooper, Tavares   
Ms. Susan Kort 
Ms. Lali Koshy
Kort, Susan Koshy, Lali
Ms. Rosa Somarriba
Mr. Wesley Wright
 Somarriba, Rosa Wright, Wesley







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