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Ridgeview Parents and Students,

  • We are pleased to report that we are making graphing calculator loans available to all Ridgeview students for a refundable down payment of $45.00. The letter and loan form are on the website.
  • We are also happy to report to you that all Ridgeview math teachers have class sets of scientific calculators for student use. In addition, all Algebra Prep, IM, Algebra 1, and Honors Geometry teachers have graphing calculators in their classrooms available to students who do not bring theirs to class,
  • We would like your students to bring their personal calculators to Mrs. Hogan in room 226A. She will engrave the calculators with student names and record the ID numbers of the calculators. This will allow us to immediately identify the owner of misplaced calculators.
  • Please ask all students to keep their calculators in their notebooks when not using them in math class. A ziplock bag with holes for air removal serves as a convenient carry case.

Graphing Calculator Letter 

Spanish Graphing Calculator Letter 

Calculator Loan Form 

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