R.I.C.A. School Departments 

Administrative Team           Principals Office


Student Support Room       SSR Staff 

Art Department                  Arts

Transition     Trans 


  • Mrs. Erin Thornes - Transition Support Teacher

 Elementary School Elem.   

  • Mrs. Amy England - 4/5 teacher
  • Mr. Jackson McCaffrey - paraeducator


English Department   English Department 


Mission Statement: Students will develop skills to become proficient readers, writers, speakers and listeners, who will have the necessary tools to be literate individuals, able to survive in an ever more complex world.


  • Mrs. Fran Kauffunger - English lead teacher
  • Mrs. Elaine Hickey - Testing Coordinator
  • Mr. Bernard Jankowski - English teacher
  • Mrs. Teresa Sikora - English teacher 
  • Ms. Antonia Charles - English teacher
  • Mrs. Harling Lagos - English teacher
  • Mrs. Benita Cohen - paraeducator
  • Mr. John Walker - paraeducator
  • Ms. Cheyvonne Grant - paraeducator
  • Mrs. Rita Marshall - paraeducator

Foreign Language FL



  • Mrs. Lucie Almasi-Smith - World Languages Teacher
  • Mrs. Malek Kechrid - paraeducator
  • Main Office Office2
  • Mrs. Cindy Rampp - Administrative Secretary, Attendance Secretary
  • Mei Yin - School Secretary, Registrar

Math Department Math Department


Mission Statement: The RICA math team is committed to providing engaging and rigorous learning opportunities focused on critical thinking skills and real-world applications in order to prepare our students for success in college and the workplace.

  • Mr. Bob Woodard - Math Lead Teacher
  • Ms. Cynthia Whoolery - Math Teacher
  • Ms. Annie Mullins - Math Teacher
  • Ms. Shanna Engel - Math Teacher
  • Mrs. Sylvie Awakian - paraeducator
  • Mrs. Helen Cha - paraeducator

Media Center Library


  • Mr. Sean Glynn - Media Specialist
  • Mrs. Nichole Batluck - Media Assistant


Music Department muzic

  • Mr. Derrick Hewlett - Music Teacher
  • Mrs. Priscilla Foreman - paraeducator


Physical Education Department Exercise


  • Mr. Ed Farrell - PE Teacher 
  • Mr. Pat Fletcher - paraeducator

Science Department & Technology SciFi

 Mission Statement:As science educators who respect our students and their diverse backgrounds and needs, we will integrate learning strategies such as Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Question Answer Relationships (QAR).  Additionally, we will prepare our students to transition to their mainstream school by providing them with rigorous academic instruction that will prepare them to live in their 21st century global community.http://montgomeryschoolsmd.org/curriculum/science/

  • Ms. Rebecca Libert - Science Teacher
  • Ms. Claire Lefebvre - Science Teacher
  • Ms. Marilyn Wise - Science Teacher
  • Mr. Gianpaolo Scarzella - Science Teacher
  • Ms. Rebecca Rippeon - paraeducator


Speech Pathologist SP



  • Mrs. Christina Wozniak - Speech Pathologist


Social Studies Department  Global

School Safety and Security Safety


Staff Development Staff



  • Ms. Kristen Millios - PASS Class Teacher


College and Career Research and DevelopmentTechnology Education CollegeCa


  • Mrs. Fran Kauffunger - CCRD/CCRDS teacher

Educational Diagnostician Stuff



  • Mr. Elaine Hickey - Testing Coordinator