Quince Orchard Graduation Information

Every year we are excited to celebrate the accomplisments of our Senior Class students.  Details about the the current year's graduation are usually posted in early Spring on our "Senior Information and Graduation Page".  There are many ways that our seniors are celebrated including:

  • A Commencement Ceremony - typically at DAR Constitution Hall this event celebrates our Seniors and all of their accomplishments.  Students are recognized in the Graduation Program for:
    • Academic Achievement
    • AP Involvement and AP Signature Completion
    • Athletic Achievement - 4 Year Varsity Athletes
    • Honor Society Involvement
    • Participation in the Ceremony
    • Special Program Completion
  • An Awards Ceremony - this event recognizes students for a variety of accomplishments throughout their high school careers including:
    • Academic Achievements
    • Departmental Achievements
    • Leadership
    • Service to the Community

We do recognize students as Valedictorians, these are students who have achieved the highest Academic Achievements possible. Valedictorians for the Quince Orchard High School Class of 2024 and beyond will be selected using the following criteria:

  • Students must earn a perfect 4.0 unweighted GPA for each Marking Period of their high school career within Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS).
  • Summer school classes taken after completing 8th grade are included and the student must earn an A in any and all summer school classes taken through MCPS.
  • Online classes taken after completing 8th grade would be included and the student must earn an A in any and all online classes taken through MCPS.
  • A grade of "Outstanding" must be earned for any periods in which the student has a "Student Aide Period" where grades are not assigned.
  • Students who participate in the Montgomery College Early College Program and/or have partial schedule to take a class or classes at the College or University level must a grade of a A in that class or those courses.