Student Service Learning (SSL) Information

In conjunction with MCPS, PTSAs across the County are trying to help make Student Service Learning (SSL) requirements better understood and opportunities better advertised. Beginning with the Class of 2011, MCPS has increased the SSL graduation requirement to 75 hours. For students enrolling in MCPS during middle school there is a prorated basis for required hours. If you enroll in 6th grade, your student is required to complete all 75.  If you enroll in 7th grade, your student is required to complete 65 hours. If you enroll in 8th grade, your student is required to complete 55 hours in order to graduate from an MCPS high school.  


Systemwide Student Documentation Timeline 

Time Frame of Service   Documentation Due Date  
Service completed during the summer September 28, 2018
Service completed during the summer and 1st semester January 4, 2019
Service completed during the summer, 1st semester, and 2nd semester June 7, 2019


All  SSL Forms for service completed any time during the current school year and the summer before the current school year are  REQUIRED  to be submitted to the school SSL coordinator no later than the  first Friday in June  

Encourage students to turn in forms before the deadline so if there are any issues (incomplete form, etc) there is time to try and get them resolved. Students may earn a maximum of 8 SSL hours within a 24 hour period. SSL hours are provided without any financial compensation. Holidays and early release days are great times to get involved in SSL activities.

There are 3 ways to accrue SSL hours
1) The curriculum for each grade incorporates an SSL component. Teachers will discuss with students the nature of the projects. Students will submit a plan to their teachers, get approval, and work towards their hours. Sixth grade SSL projects will be done through the Science curriculum, Seventh grade SSL projects through the English curriculum, and Eighth grade SSL projects through the Social Studies curriculum.

2) Students can do work at one of the pre-approved MCPS SSL organizations. Please visit the web site Montgomery CountyVolunteer Center   with your student to see what organizations/activities are pre-approved. Make sure to check age requirements for activities listed in the write-ups. At the end of work for pre-approved organizations, a student completes  MCPS Form 560-51, Student Service Learning Activity Verification , has it signed by the supervisor, and submitted to Mr. Ken Schmidt, Pyle SSL coordinator, by the semester deadline. 

3) Students can do work for organizations that don’t have MCPS pre-approval status if they submit MCPS Form 560-50, Individual Student Service Learning Request to Mr. Schmidt before the activity occurs and she approves the organization/activity. Please note: Once the Form 560-50 is completed and signed by Mr. Schmidt, the form is good for one year.

Copies of both forms are available in the main office and by clicking the link above. If your child has never submitted an SSL form, we recommend that you review the form with your student to make sure that it is complete. Please remind students that an important component of student service learning is the Student Reflection.  

Frequently Asked Questions: MCPS has a very useful list of answers to frequently asked questions on the MCPS SSL webpage.

Helpful tip : Keep a copy of all SSL forms that you turn in to the SSL Coordinator Mrs. Demino, to use as a check when hours are credited on report cards.


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