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The Paint Branch High School Career Center is designed to help students explore areas of interest as they prepare for their future endeavors. This helps students understand the relationship between what they are learning in high school and other experiences to their post high school choices in business, the military or further educational opportunities. The extensive array of information available in the Career Center is intended to be used as an adjunct to the curriculum for all grade levels. Guest speakers and college representatives are frequent visitors to the Career Center. 

The Career Center offers information about careers and colleges including: college majors, essays, and applications; financial aid; scholarships; resume writing; SAT, PSAT, ACT and other tests; and much more. It houses a wide variety of books, catalogues, computer programs with specialized guidance material, test registration forms, videos and other information resources.

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Dual Enrollment 

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Financial information that the fall, winter, and spring semesters at MC are at no cost to the student or family. 
    • Dual enrollment is available to 9-12 grade students, not just 11 and 12.


Checklist for Seniors

Financial & Scholarship Information

Apply for Scholarships!!

Click Here For The Scholarship Spreadsheet

Create Your FSA ID

Use the link below to create your FSA ID (parent & student). 

Remember the FAFSA application opens on December 2023.


2023-2024 Financial Aid Workshop

23-24 Fin Aid Fall Workshop Presentation


FAFSA & Maryland Scholarships

FAFSA Step-by-Step Guide that walks students and families through each question of the FAFSA, including screenshots and explanations and a FAQ page for students with special circumstances. Here is the link

Maryland Scholarship Directory, a list of 100+ vetted scholarships for students across the state, broken down by month. Here is the link:


SAT /ACT Information

Register Today for SAT/ACT Prep at Montgomery College

Registration Form


Important SAT Fee Waiver Information

Go to to complete the online lunch application to see if you are eligible for the SAT fee waiver.


23-24 SAT & ACT Test Dates (Dates are subject to change)

College information

College Application Process

Service Year Maryland


Service Year Maryland is a new program recently signed into law by Maryland Governor Wes Moore. A service year is an opportunity to develop real-world skills through hands-on service. There are over 65,000 service year opportunities in a variety of issues all across the country.



Other Resources

Important Links


Important Documents

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Workshop Presentations

Essay/Application Resources



Our application is now OPEN! Please remind your students to use their Chromebook when applying. It's just easier, since students need to apply using their student ID. Please note to encourage your students to apply to more than one program when filling out the application. 

Important information to note when sharing with your students:

  • Interest-based application is a centralized lottery process
  • 9th grade students may only apply to Cosmetology
  • 10th grade students may apply to any program
  • 11th grade students may apply to one-year programs
  • Application closes November 3rd, 2023
  • Results will be communicated in February by email and letter
  • Students will be given a deadline to accept or decline
  • If not invited, students receive a waitlist number
  • As vacancies occur, invitations are made in a sequential order

Click here for the application