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Student Service Learning

As part of the Grade 6 MCPS science curriculum, all Grade 6 students must participate in an environmental Student Service Learning (SSL) project facilitated by the local school.  Students earn 10 hours for the successful completion of their environmental SSL when they pass grade 6 science.  OE provides many opportunities to help implement environmental SSL projects. Students do not earn SSL for attending OE.  Schools may choose to integrate an environmental SSL activity into their outdoor environmental education program or complete it at school. Topics include habitat restoration, energy conservation, and protection of the waters of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. OEEP provides detailed lessons with background knowledge and directions for student action, equipment, and guidance to assist schools in this important work.   More information can also be found on the MCPS SSL site

Environmental SSL Training videos



Planting Native Species




Building Habitats


Pulling Invasive Plants


OEEP Lesson Resources

 Habitat Improvement


The Problem Is Trash


The Life of Bottled Water - Recycling

Watt's Up Poster Contest (Through April)        
 Storm Drain Design Art Contest (an annual contest from Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection)  


Invasive Species Games to Introduce SSL (also potential for use during evening rotation)

Additional Environmental Service Project Resources