Empowering students of all ages through environmental education and outdoor field experiences with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to live and act as environmentally responsible decision makers and active stewards.   



  • Provide relevant and authentic outdoor learning experiences for teaching and learning that increase students’ content and process knowledge of environmental literacy
  • Create and imbed opportunities, including the use of the outdoor classroom, in curriculum to develop awareness and appreciation for the environment and empower students to be active environmental stewards
  • Grow the capacity of MCPS educators to teach environmental education using the outdoors as a classroom


OEEP serves over 20,000 MCPS students in two major programs: the systemic overnight Grade 6 Program for all 40 MCPS middle schools, and the Day Program in which PreK-12 students explore and investigate the natural environment. In both programs, students participate in curriculum-based environmental investigations. The Grade 6 program is part of the MCPS science curriculum for all students. 

OEEP, in collaboration with the Office of Sustainability and Compliance, and with our partner, Nature Forward (formerly Audubon Naturalist Society), leads the MD Green School Program in MCPS. (Please see tab about the Maryland Green School Program.) OEEP also manages the Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation’s mobile science multiday program that visits 27 MCPS elementary schools annually serving over 13,000 students/year. 

In addition to coordinating and leading the environmental experiences of thousands of students each year, OEEP staff provides professional learning in environmental education content and pedagogy for over 500 teachers annually.