Oakland Terrace - National Green Ribbon and maryland state green school

Oakland Terrace Elementary School students, teachers and administrators have been hard at work over the last several years "greening" the school. In June, 2019, we were re-certified by the Maryland Association of Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE) as a Green School, and on Earth Day 2020 we were named a U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School.

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Schoolyard Garden and Learning Lab

In 2013 s students helped to design and install an outdoor classroom garden located in the school's internal courtyard. Throughout the year, the outdoor classroom garden provides a space for creating enriching, project-based learning opportunities that are integrated within the curriculum.  It's the ideal setting for students to learn about the natural world and their role as stewards of our planet.  Project include songbird and pollinator garden creation and maintenance, an edible garden for teaching "Salad Science," and an accessible outdoor space for teachers to implement a wide variety of hands-on learning opportunities.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle 

Our student activities include a Student Green Team that provides leadership for our school as we continue to model environmentally sustainable practices through recycling monitoring system.  Members of each class ensure proper usage of trash receptacles and recycling bins throughout the school. Our third and fourth grade students collect and prepare recyclables for pick up. Additionally we participate in TREX plastic film recycling program, through which we keep thousands of pounds of plastic bags and film out of landfills, thus lessening the impact of these non-biodegradable items.  Weekly student eco-announcements provide useful tips on how to reduce, reuse,and recycle to create a healthier world.

Water conservation practices are also in place.  These include water conservation posters in bathrooms and throughout the school to remind the school community of ways to conserve water and why it is important. In addition, we have begun the installation of low flow toilets to reduce our water footprint.

Energy Conservation 

The school has won multiple awards from S.E.R.T. for reducing electricity usage by up to 42% in the building. This has been achieved through a variety of activities, including: establishing a student monitoring programs that have been implemented in all classrooms, in which designated students turn off unnecessary energy sources; increased use of natural light (“daylighting”) in classrooms; and posting of light switch labels that encourage conservation of electricity.  




Trex Plastic Recycling Link

Collect, weigh, report, and drop off plastic film to help OTES win the challenge.  Use the button above for details.