Inside College Testing at Northwest High School

The CEEB Code for Northwest:  210-589
(This is the High School Code for College Testing & Applications)

Northwest High School is expected to be a test site for the following SAT dates:  October 7 | December 2.  When registering to take the SAT at Northwest High School, select the test site 21-298.

Information regarding an alternate route to the National Merit Scholarship Program.  In the event MCPS is not able to offer the PSAT to grade 11 grade students , this is an alternate route for students who feel they would qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program.  This policy has been around, and is not a direct response to COVID.  For more information, visit the National Merit website.


On-page Quick Links:

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College Testing Links & Information:

SAT Resource: for the Class of 2024 & Class of 2025.  College Board has announced they will be releasing a digital SAT in the coming months.  Princeton Review has shared with our high school a YouTube video where editor-in-chief, Rob Franek, breaks it all down.  Princeton Review press release.

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College Testing Registration Fee Waiver Information:

Registration fee waivers for the ACT and SAT may be available for eligible high school students.  Reduced voucher requests may be available for eligible high school students interested in taking the TOEFLiBT.  Complete the online NWHS College Testing Registration Fee Waiver Request Google Form.  Please note:  Acceptance of a college testing fee waiver is with the stipulation that the test taker will be present to take the test on test day. | Updated 1 AUG  2023 |

Students using Fee Waivers for the ACT and/or SAT should register before the regular registration deadline.  For English as a Second Language students, please visit those websites for testing fee waiver information or visit your College Career Information Center .  Registration fees are subject to change without notice.  Visit test web sites for current cost information.

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College Testing Preparation Options:

College Test Prep offered as part of the MCPS High School Curriculum:  This one-semester course (0.5 credit) is designed to improve student achievement on both the ACT and the SAT.  Students acquire knowledge related to the test formats and develop test-taking skills by taking practice tests.  This course is listed in the English and mathematics department sections in the course bulletin.  This course is free, but students must register for it during the normal course registration time.

NOTE: Registration for the SAT and/or the ACT exam is a separate process. College Test Prep courses do not include registration for official college tests. Although registration forms are available at high school College and Career Information Centers, students are strongly encouraged to register for the SAT on-line at  and for the ACT on-line at Students with financial need should see their College Career Information Coordinator regarding eligibility for a standardized testing fee waiver.  See College Testing Registration Fee Waiver information above.

The Montgomery College Workforce Development and Continuing Education Office offers SAT and ACT Prep courses which are conducted in various MCPS schools during the school year and at Montgomery College during the summer. The courses meet either after school, in the evening, or on Saturday mornings. These courses are designed to help students achieve scores that better reflect their knowledge and abilities by practicing with REAL college tests, teaching test formats, teaching test taking strategies, reviewing content and raising test taking confidence.

For Montgomery county residents, course cost, class schedule, locations and registration information is available on-line through the WDCE web site or a brochure can be obtained from any MCPS College and Career Center or the School Counseling Office.  Registration assistance and information can also be obtained by contacting 240-567-5188. Flyers advertising courses for the fall course offerings are mailed to the homes of rising juniors and seniors at the end of July. A second mailing advertising spring course offerings will occur in early December.   

Additional college test prep resources:

  • Khan Academy:  Free online prep for courses by subject, AP courses and the SAT.
  • Test prep is available for the SAT.  Hard copy SAT Prep Booklets are expected to be available in your College Career Information Center mid-September of each school year.  Online SAT test prep includes:
    • Question of the Day
    • Sample Practice Questions (math, reading, writing, and the SAT subject tests)
    • A Free Practice Test
  • Test prep is available for the ACT that includes:  
  • Free PSAT test Prep is available on the College Board web site.
  • offers prep for the ASVAB Career Exploration Test, the SAT and the ACT.

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