Military Recruitment at Northwest High School

School contact:  Rochelle Davis, College Career Information Coordinator

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Northwest HS School Policy & Military Recruitment:

Welcome to Northwest High School & the Home of the Jaguars! 

Our goal is to have great relationships with our military recruiters in support of Northwest students.

Military recruiter contact information will be available to our staff, students and parent community who may wish to contact your directly.  Contact information for our administrative team, including the Athletic Director, can be found on our website @

Our administration welcomes scheduled visits from all branches of the military.  We ask that you not visit the school without an appointment. Visits intended to share information with our students are scheduled during student lunch.  Northwest has one lunch for students, from 11:11 to 11:56, on a regular bell schedule day.  Table set ups are held in the lobby area just outside the Gym lobby area.  We ask that you make your requests for visits by sending an email to at least two weeks in advance.  This allows us time to request approval for your visit and communicate visit information with our students and community. If you are requesting a visit using the RepVisits, please request your visit for the 11:00 time slot.  If that time slot is not available on the day you wish to visit, reach out to me directly. Visits with recruits that are graduates of Northwest, who wish to accompany you and visit with school staff, are not permitted during the school day.  Those visits can only occur after 2:30 pm. All visitors and guests must check in at the Main Office using the visitor kiosk.  Please be prepared with a current and valid Driver’s License. 

During the scheduled lunch table visit, you will be able to check your displays and update your materials in the College Career Information Center.  Please understand that our policies are in place for the safety and security of our students and staff.  We welcome the opportunity for our students to explore all postsecondary opportunities!


Student Meetings:

Student Request Form for Military Recruiter Meetings!  Students are encouraged to pursue all postsecondary options.  If a student under the age of 18 would like to meet with a member of the Armed Services during the school day lunch, parental permission is required. Please note: Students 18 years of age or older must have the ‘age of majority’ documentation on file to meet without parental permission.  Use this Google Form to Request A Meeting!  Confirmation will be sent to the student, parent and recruiter.  | 23 January 2024 |


Student Enrollment Information, Transcript Release, and Student Information:

Student enrollment information (numbers of students by class and/or gender) and/or transcript release would be obtained through our Registrar’s Office with Ms. Jackie Scholl by email or by phone (240) 740-7095.  Recruiters are  encouraged to call and/or email Ms. Scholl to inquire about specific policies.  Requests for student lists should be made directly to the Office of Shared Accountability, Reporting Unit (240) 740-2930.  


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ASVAB Testing:

The ASVAB is administered FREE to interested tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students and is an excellent career exploration tool. It can help identify the student's interests and aptitude in the following areas: verbal, math, science and technical skills. When a student's score is interpreted, he/she will lean how their interests and skills relate to the demands of more than 400 occupations, helping students to identify suitable career options. ASVAB results are released only to the student an not to the armed services. Should students wish to use their results as part of an enlistment conversation with military recruiters, they can provide their scores to the recruiter. Taking the ASVAB at MCPS high schools in no way involves a commitment to the military. 

The test date for the 2022-2023 school year is February 15, 2023 @ 7:45 am.  Parental consent will be required for a student to test at Northwest High School.  Parental consent is granted by submission of the ASVAB Google Form(This form updates each school year).The test will be offered once each school year.  Testing and score interpretations will be during the school day.  Visit the NEW Official ASVAB Career Exploration Program web site and enter as applicant for more information on testing and resources.  | update 9 August 2023 |


Northwest Students & Parents:

The safety of our students is a priority.  We ask that our military recruiters only reach out to students at the invitation of a student or parent.

Military Recruiters for Northwest HS 2023-2024 School Year*

United States Air Force Recruiter:  Tyler Houle, SSgt, USAF, USAF & USSF Enlisted Accessions Recruiter @, (202)779-1403

United States Army RecruiterSalvador Lozada, SGT @ (443) 536-3236 (cell) | (301) 948-1992 (office) updated 10/26/2022

United States Army National Guard: SGT Prabha Tharmalingam @ (240-805-0699)

United States Coast Guard Recruiter:  TBD

United States Navy Recruiter:  Warren Golston @ (301) 948.7229

United States Marine Recruiter: John Gundling, Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps, Canvassing Recruiter; C: 240-506-7217 (updated 8 January 2024)

*contact information may change without immediate notification to Northwest High School

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