PEP Program Preschool

What is PEP?

PEP is a special education preschool program. Students learn social emotional skills, early academics, communication, and motor skills in language-based classrooms following the MCPS preschool curriculum. Some classrooms include typical peers from the community to be models for play, behavior, and language. For more information contact: Annette Messier or Alanna Don.

Our PEP Team

Teachers: Anna Gruber (PEP Pilot), Steffi Jost (PEP Classic/PEP INC), Derron Pyle (PEP INC/PEP Classic) and Yulia Sitnikova (PEP Pilot/PEP Classic)

Para-Educators: Tonora Minor (PEP Pilot), Julie Uhlenhopp (PEP Pilot/PEP INC), Shannan Turner-Cole (PEP Classic), Vanessa Diep (PEP Pilot/PEP Classic), Maria Martha Quispe (PEP INC), and Rebecca Young (PEP INC)

Related Services: Mary Matheny and Maeve Dewey (Speech), Rachel Makar (Occupational Therapy), and Valerie Carter (Physical Therapy)

Parent Educators: Annette Messier and Alanna Don

PEP Resources

PEP Website 

Application for Community Peers

PEP Calendar

Calendario PEP Español


Ms. Alanna Don | Ms. Anna GruberMs. Steffi Jost| Mr. Derron Pyle | Ms. Yulia Sitnikova | Ms. Annette Messier