School Community Based Program
Grades K-5

What is SCB?

School Community-based Program (SCB) services are designed for students with severe or profound intellectual disabilities and/or multiple disabilities. SCB services include the following components: age-appropriate classes, heterogeneous groups, peer interactions, individualized instruction, community instruction, and transition.

Our SCB Team

  • Teachers: John Emekli (K /1st), Victoria Fontes (2nd/3rd), and Emily Powell (4th /5th) 
  • Para-Educators: Blanca Lizama (K / 1st), Dalisha Minor (K /1st),  ppppp(K / 1st), Desiree Minor (2nd /3rd) , Ms. Toopet), Leslie King (4th / 5th) Leah Lancey (4th / 5th), Daniel Waldman (4th / 5th) and Eva Rahasimbolamananaliterajaona (4th / 5th).
  • Related Services: Maeve Dewey (Speech), Karl Kurtz, Nicholas Lazik (Occupational Therapy), Bridgette Harris (Physical Therapy), Somaya Albadawi (ELD), and Diane Baron (Teacher of the Visually Impaired)
  • Additional Staff: Mrs. Cervenkov-Peet and Ms. Veissiere (Art), Ms. Hsieh (Music), Mr. Hart and Mr.Spencer (PE), and Miss Amy Kleponis (Media).

For more information contact: 

Megan Sullivan 

Itinerant Resource Teacher for Special Education (ALO)

Office Phone (ALO Questions): (240) 740-5487