We will recognize and write numbers 1-30.

We will collect data.

We will use tally marks to collect information.

We will make equivalent sets.  (Counting Jar)

We will compare quantities and length.

Reading Language Arts

All students will participate in small group reading instruction, read aloud and shared reading. During the month of September, the classroom teachers were testing the children to assess their reading levels and teaching them how to use the independent literacy centers.

We will understand and describe what the setting is in a story.

We will name the characters in a story.

We will retell a story including the beginning, middle and end.

We will answer comprehension questions about a story read in reading group.

Sight Words

We are learning to read, write and spell sight words.  Below is a list of the words we have already covered and the list for October.

Already Introduced - the, I, a, like, can, see

Social Studies

We will learn about Symbols of the United States.

 (Statue of Liberty, American Flag, Mount Rushmore, Liberty Bell, Eagle, White House)


We will observe weather changes over a period of time.

We will collect data to compare and describe weather patterns.

We will use tools to collect information about weather (rain gauge, etc.)

We will learn how the sun affects water and creates the water cycle.

Show and Tell Topics for October

  • October 1 - 5- Bring in a handmade boat! We will be discussing Christopher Columbus. As homework this week, children are asked to MAKE and TEST a boat made out of paper, wood, or any recycled materials and bring it into school on their show and tell day. We will have a BIG SAIL on Monday October 8 th   to test the boats. Each child will sail their boat in school on that day. We will see how we do in 2018!
  • October 8 - 12-   We have been studying symbols of America. (Statue of Liberty, flag, Mount Rushmore, White House, etc.)  Bring in a symbol of America or another country.  It can be an object or a picture.  Tell us what the symbol is and what country it represents.
  • October 15 - 19 - PUZZLE WEEK- Bring in your favorite puzzle for the day in a Ziploc bag or box. We will look at the puzzle, try to put it together that day, and then send it home. It must have 50 pieces or less!
  • October 22 - Oct 26 - Write your name on a piece of paper. Circle the first letter in your name. Now go on a hunt in your home for two items that begin with the same letter. (ie. Hannah- hat or a picture of a horse)
  • Week of October 29 - November 2 -   The children will bring in their favorite book and share the following information:  title, author's name, main character. The book will stay at school for the week so that we can read it as a class.

Please Note:  If your show and tell day falls on a holiday, you can pick any day that week to bring in your show and tell.

Library Books

The children will be visiting the library each week. Please discuss with your child where the book will be kept at your home.  Please return the library books the day before your child goes to the library. This allows time for the media assistant to check the books in.

Kalavritinos - Books returned on Friday

Kaz - Books returned on Monday

Buell - Books returned on Wednesday

Seo - Books returned on Thursday

Field Trips

Homestead Farm - October 11

Important Dates

October 5 - early dismissal

October 8-12- Scholastic Book Fair

October 11- Field Trip to Homestead Farm

October 31 - Halloween class parties. Time of parties is to be determined

November 6 - No School

November 7 - Early dismissal

November 12- Early dismissal 

November 13- Early dismissal

November 21 - Early Release

November 22-23 - No School

Mini Notes

Please help your child with writing his or her name. Remember that the first letter is capital, followed by lower case letters. We are writing names daily in class and many need just a little more help-thanks!

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Symbols of America Puzzles… US Capitol

Symbols of America Puzzles… US Flag

Symbols of America Puzzles… White House

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