Grade 5

Math 5

Students will construct a coordinate system on the coordinate plane. Students will name points using coordinate pairs and use the coordinate pairs to plot points. Students will investigate patterns in vertical and horizontal lines, and interpret points on the plane as distance from the axes 

Compacted Math 5/6

Students will develop an understanding of statistical variability and apply that understanding as they summarize, describe, and display distributions. In particular, careful attention is given to measures of center and variability. 

Reading 5

Students will explore the essential question “How do conflicts shape a society”? Students will analyze various nonfiction and historical fiction texts on the American Revolutionary War to explore this question  

Enriched Literacy Curriculum

Students will explore the focus question “how does change influence our beliefs and actions?” through the analysis of various Junior Great Book texts. Students will also write a research-based argument essay. 

Social Studies

Unit: Challenges of American Economic, Political and Civil Life (1900-today) 

Unit Question: How have people used democratic tools to solve problems? 

Unit Overview: Students will explore how over time individuals, community members, institutions, and organizations have used tools of a democracy to redefine and expand freedom. 


Unit: Ecosystems  

Unit Questions: How do particles combine to form the variety of matter one observes? How does food provide energy? How do organisms obtain and use the matter and energy they need to live and grow? How do organisms interact with the living and nonliving environment to obtain matter and energy? How do matter and energy move through an ecosystem? How can design solutions be compared and improved? 

Unit Overview: Students explore the phenomenon of plants and animals living and growing on a farm.  Students develop a model to show how matter and energy move within a farm system.  They conduct an investigation of plant growth to determine the source of new mass in plants.  Students obtain information from multimedia resources to explain how different plant structures enable plants to get the air, water, and light they need to live and grow. They use models to describe how plants use sunlight, water and air to produce their own food.  Students also explore the roles of decomposers and animals in an ecosystem. At the end of the unit, students design a farm that will grow food to provide healthy lunch choices at a local elementary school. 

Common Sense Education

Luxmanor is a Common Sense Education school. As a part of MCPS, our students participate in Common Sense Education lessons—lessons about responsible digital citizenship. Please go to our Common Sense Education Family Page for helpful resources.


Ms. Katherine ByrneMrs. Jane Connolly | Mr. Mace Moore | Ms. Julia Weigel