Grade 5


Accelerated Math 5/6

Quarter 1 - Second semester of 5th grade curriculum

  • Multiplication with fractions
  • Dividing unit fractions by whole numbers
  • Dividing fractions by fractions

Math 5

Quarter 1
  • Multiplication-Students will learn multiple ways to find the product of a multiplication equation, including standard algorithm, partial product, and arrays.
  • Volume-Students will determine the volume of composite solid figures by identifying and using the formula V=BxH (V=LxWxH)
  • Expressions-Students will be able to create matching expressions as well as compute them to make them equations.
  • Decimals-Students will identify place values in decimals as well as determine sums and differences.


Students will be reading and discussing Fearless  during the first three weeks of school. We will then move to tall tales to examine point of view. Finally, we will be using social studies text to study text structure and summarizing.


During the first 3 weeks of school, students will compose an adventure narrative story. They will also be doing research to develop an opinion and informative piece.


Students will be investigating different properties of the three states of matter in order to identify known and unknown substances.

Social Studies

Quarter 1 - American Revolutionary War period.

  • Colonists
  • British Royal Gov't

Field Trips

If you wish to volunteer for a field trip this year, you must complete an online training course.

Other Important Information

Back to School Night is September 20th  at 7:00.



Mrs. Jane Connolly | Ms. Brittany Drannan | Mr. Mace Moore

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