Grade 4 


Module 4 Geometry

Module 6 Decimals and Fractions

Module 7 Exploring Measurement with Multiplication

Compacted Math

Module 1 Place Value and Decimal Fractions

Module 2 Multi Digit Whole Number and Decimal Fractions

Module 3 Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

Benchmark ELA

Unit 6 Confronting Challenges

Essential Question-How do we overcome obstacles?

Unit 7 Developing a Nation

Essential Question-How do communities evolve?

Unit 8 Earth Changes

Essential Question-How do Earth’s natural processes impact our lives?

Unit 9 Resources and Their Impact

Essential Question-How does access to resources influence people’s lives?

Unit 10 The Power of Electricity

Essential Question-Where do scientific discoveries lead us?

ELA Enriched Literacy Curriculum

William and Mary-Focus on the Idea of Change

Social Studies

The American Revolution (1750-1789)

Unit Question: How did people in the colonies resist British rule?

Unit Overview: Students will identify major events leading to the American Revolution and explain opposing perspectives of those in support of and against the war. They will also explain the purpose of the Declaration of Independence and describe the new nation’s first attempt at establishing a central government.  


Earth's Systems 

Other Important Information

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Common Sense Education

Luxmanor is a Common Sense Education school. As a part of MCPS, our students participate in Common Sense Education lessons—lessons about responsible digital citizenship. Please go to our Common Sense Education Family Page for helpful resources.