First Grade  


Eureka Math – Module 5 and Module 6 –  In Module 5,will work with part-whole relationships in geometry. Students will identify the defining parts, or attributes, of two- and three-dimensional shapes, name two- and three-dimensional shapes and find them in pictures and in their environment.  Next, students will combine shapes to create a new whole:  a composite shape In Topic C, students relate geometric figures to equal parts and name the parts as halves and fourths (or quarters) In Topic D, students will apply their understanding of halves to tell time to the hour and half-hour.  In Module 6, students will add within 100 and ensure their mastery of the grade-level fluency goal of sums and differences within 10.Students will focus on word problems, place value for numbers up to 100, comparing 2-digit numbers and work on addition and subtraction to 100.

Reading and Writing

We will finish Unit 6 and work on Units 7 and 8. Unit 7 will focus on Past, Present and Future. We will learn why the past is important. Unit 8’s focus is Observing the Sky. The essential question is “Why do the sun and moon capture our imagination?” 

We will continue to focus on retelling key details, sequencing, using text features, and distinguish between information from pictures and text

Writing: Students will learn to write to sources. We will focus on informative writing and opinion writing.

Really Great Reading

Students will continue to work on phonemic awareness and blending sounds to read words. We will have new Heart Words for each unit and will focus on long vowels and 2-syllable words.

Science/Social Studies/Health

Science:  Students will learn about parts of plants and design a raft. Students will learn about how several inventions were inspired by things in nature.

Social Studies: We will study how the production process uses natural and human resources to create goods and services that affect how people live, work, and play.

We will learn how people exchange goods and services in a variety of markets to satisfy wants, but limited resources require people to make choices.

Health: Disease prevention and control

Learning Skills and Behavior

We will send home Learning Skills folders at the end of each month.  Please sign and return the next school day.

Instructional Learning Sites





Common Sense Education

Luxmanor is a Common Sense Education school. As a part of MCPS, our students participate in Common Sense Education lessons—lessons about responsible digital citizenship. Please go to our Common Sense Education Family Page for helpful resources.