Our Counselors

Our School Counseling Program 

                                                                          School Counseling Brochure (in English) 

 School Counseling Brochure (en Español) 

 School Counseling Brochure (en français)  

Who are the school counselors? 

Mr. Fernando Moreno (Room 400) will be primarily supporting students in PreK-2nd grade.

Ms. Rachel Margulies (Room 401) will be primarily supporting students in 3rd-5th grade.           


Our Mission is to help children be healthy and successful through culturally 

appropriate and family oriented social emotional interventions.

Our Vision is to develop the whole child by taking into consideration cultural, familial

 and socioeconomic needs, developing their self-awareness, 

and cultivating their social, emotional, and academic skills.   

We provide the following counseling services:

Individual Support:

Individual, short-term, counseling support will be provided on an as-needed basis. Individual meetings are intended to help children solve difficult problems, make good choices, and do their best!

Classroom Lessons:

Monthly classroom lessons will take place this school year on a variety of topics based on grade level. Lessons are based on the main counseling standard areas of development: Academic, Personal, Interpersonal, Career, and Healthy Development.

Counseling Small Groups:

Groups will meet weekly for 6-8 weeks and work with students

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