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Message from Mrs. Gottesman:

Quote of the Week

“Being a teacher is like being a rockstar. You work hard to keep the attention of a distracted crowd. Your fans freak out when they see you in public. Groupies line up to follow you everywhere. You hear your name being called out all the time.”

Valentine’s Day

For any students who come without cards and need support, Alicia will be available the morning of V-day to provide scholars with cards and help them complete them. Please send scholars early and with a copy of your class list. If you see any inexpensive cards, please donate them to our collection. <3

Tutor and Therapist Referrals

Tutor Recommendations for Families

Therapist Referral List for Families


Career Day: Friday, May 24th (a.m.)

Best Buddy Field Trip: Wednesday, June 5th