Welcome to the Health Room!

Direct Phone Line: 240-740-5752

Health Room Hours: 8:30am-3:45pm

School Nurse- Jordan Moyer RN, SCHN 

Email: Jordan_M_Moyer@mcpsmd.org

Ms. Jordan grew up in Montgomery County and went to Nursing school at Towson University. After nursing school, she worked at Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital full time for 6 years. In 2017 she was given an opportunity to start working in schools. She was a substitute nurse for about 6 months before becoming full- time. Lakewood ES was in her original full-time assignment and continues to enjoy working with the students and staff.

Jordan has two schools assigned this year. Her schedule planned to be at Lakewood ES on Tuesdays and Thursdays in person.

 On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays she plans to be at Fields Road Elementary School (240-740-7002).


School Health Technician- Melanie Santos, SHRT

Email: Melanie_L_Santos@mcpsmd.org

Melanie also grew up in Montgomery county. She is going to school part time. She has been working for school health the past 5 years and has been at Lakewood ES for 3 years. Melanie is at Lakewood Monday-Friday and handles most of the bumps and bruises.

Please feel free to contact us with any health concerns, questions, or something we can help with!

 Below are some common health forms:

Health Enrollment Packet:

Vaccines (896)-


HIF (Health Inventory/SR6) to be completed by the health care provider-

sr-6.pdf (montgomeryschoolsmd.org)

Lead Form (DHMH4620)-

dhmh 4620.pdf (montgomeryschoolsmd.org)

Dental Form (525-17)-

525-17.pdf (montgomeryschoolsmd.org)

For medications:

Anaphylaxis/Severe Allergy Epipen Order Form 52514-


Medication Form 525-13-

525-13.pdf (montgomeryschoolsmd.org)

Treatment Form 525-12-

525-12.pdf (montgomeryschoolsmd.org)

All medications (including over the counter (cough drops, eye drops, creams etc) require a Provider order form and an adult must bring the medication to school to drop off.

Important! When to Keep your Child home from school:

Microsoft Word - When To Keep Your Child Home from SchoolENG.doc (montgomeryschoolsmd.org)

Updated Information about Lice

Lice Letter (English)
Lice Letter (Spanish)
How to Check Your Child's Head for Lice