Elementary School

The students from grades Kindergarten through grade five receive adapted instruction aligned with their grade level content in the areas of Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies. Embedded throughout the academic program are the students’ IEP goals.


In Reading/Language Arts we use grade level adapted core reading books to learn concepts such as comprehension of text, vocabulary, and basic beginning reading skills (including writing and listening).


In Math we learn concepts such as measuring, graphing, patterns, number computations and relationships, and geometric shapes.


In Science we use the 5 “E”s: Engage, Explain, Explore, Evaluate, and Extend to experiment with concepts in areas of Life Science, Environmental Science, Earth/Space Science, Physical Science, Biology and Chemistry.

Social Studies

In Social Studies we learn about family studies, community awareness, United States history, and modern government. Embedded throughout the academic program are the students' IEP goals, fundamental life skills , Alt-MSA's mastery objectives and community based instruction.

Community Based Instruction (CBI)

In CBI we learn about financial literacy, life skills as it relates to our participation and involvement in our community and real life exposure to opportunities that teaches our civic duty.