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Vision Statement

In the virtual environment, the staff and families at Stephen Knolls School are dedicated to each student’s personal success, creating a supportive network to ensure each child is given the opportunity to pursue his or her educational goals. All teachers, therapists, related service providers, and support staff at Stephen Knolls School pledge to provide the education and support system needed to help every student achieve his/her fullest potential in the online learning environment.

About Stephen Knolls SchoolMission Statement

Stephen Knolls School creates a diverse, interactive online learning environment which is designed to meet the individual needs of every student. We provide a strong support network for students, families, caregivers, and staff based on individual needs and supports implemented by a transdisciplinary team which includes teachers, support staff members, therapists, and related service providers.

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About Stephen Knolls School

Stephen Knolls School provides a Special Education Program for students who range in age from three to twenty-one years. Stephen Knolls School provides collaborative comprehensive educational services utilizing a transdisciplinary approach. Students who attend Stephen Knolls live in the southern part of Montgomery County.

Classes are comprised of pre-school students in the Preschool Educational Programs (PEP--Intensive Needs Class, Beginnings, and Comprehensive). Student in the preschool educational programs have been identified as having a developmental delay or disability. Students ages 5 to 21 have been identified as having multiple disabilities that adversely affect their education. The educational and physical needs of our students are addressed by modifying instructional materials and incorporating resources such as adaptive equipment and augmentative communication devices.

School-Age at Stephen Knolls SchoolSchool-Age

Using the Attainment Series, instruction is aligned to the Montgomery County Public School curriculum and grade-level standards. Through the use of instructional strategies, instruction is differentiated to support the needs and abilities of the individual students. Stephen Knolls School adheres to the Success for Every Student philosophy to assure that each student maximizes his or her potential. In accordance with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the students receive a well-rounded education that includes Art, Music, Physical Education, and Media/Library classes. An individualized aquatics program is provided to help students access the curriculum.

Preschool Education ProgramPreschool Education Program

Using the Big Day for Pre-K thematic units that include literacy, mathematics, writing, and science are taught through movement, music, art.

Each student is supported by a multidisciplinary team that also functions as an Individualized Education Program (IEP) team, headed by a special education teacher who serves as case manager. This team is composed of the teachers, paraeducators, related service providers, health care providers, a psychologist, and other personnel deemed appropriate for the student. The parents are an integral part of this team and provide input at all stages of decision making. IEP goals are identified for each student to help him/her access the Attainment Series curriculum and the Big Day for Pre-K curriculum. At fourteen years of age students are eligible for transition services. These services consist of a set of coordinated activities and linkages to community resources that prepare the student for the transition from school to adult living.

Our students, as do all students nationwide, participate in an assessment program that has been developed by the state of Maryland.