Information About Title One Program

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) supports the involvement of all parents and families. It is our belief that the education of our children is a shared responsibility. We believe that when parents are involved, students will be more successful. The school system as well as individual schools make the commitment to establish programs and practices that create a climate of mutual trust and respect and that support substantive parent involvement. 

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The following Newsletter includes information on the Title 1 Family Engagement Plan and Compact for Kemp Mill Elementary School.  Please take a moment to look over this informative document:

Title I Information for Families/Información para Familias sobre Titulo I  

Parent Newsletter: HERE/ AQUÍ

For more information or any questions you may have, please contact:

Catherine Moy

Instructional Specialist

Division of Title I & Early Childhood Programs & Recovery Funds 

Rocking Horse Road Center

4910 Macon Road

Rockville, Maryland 20852

240-740-4600 (main)

Kemp Mill Elementary School Title I Parent Involvement

Kemp Mill Elementary School supports the involvement of all parents/families. It is our belief that the education of our children is a shared responsibility. We believe that when parents are involved, students will be more successful. In this policy, “parent” is intended to include parents, guardians, and other family members involved in supervising the child’s schooling.

Right to Request Information

Our school is fortunate to receive supplemental funding through Title I, a federal grant program for schools that serves communities with students who have high economic needs. The federal legislation that establishes Title I regulations is known as the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015 . ESSA requires the Montgomery County Public Schools to inform you that you have the right to request information about the professional certification qualifications of your child’s teacher, substitute teacher, or paraeducator (formerly titled instructional assistant).

If you wish to request certification information about your child’s teacher, paraeducator, or
long-term substitute teacher, please submit a written request to the principal at your school. Your written inquiry may include information about the following qualifications:

  • Degree status and subject area of certification
  • State of Maryland certification status, including conditional certification status
  • Qualifications of paraeducators or long-term substitute teachers who may be working with your student

Your request will be forwarded to the Office of Human Resources, and you will receive a written response from them within 30 business days.

Please contact the principal if you have any questions.

School Improvement Plan

All schools develop or revise a School Improvement Plan (SIP) each school year. During the summer and early fall, schools draft the SIP by examining data collected from student assessments and parent and staff surveys. This data is used to determine where to focus efforts to enhance and improve instruction based on the needs of our students, staff, and parents; to allocate resources; and to plan parent and staff training. Parents are an important and vital part of the SIP process, and are invited to participate so that their ideas and suggestions can be incorporated into the school’s plan. For further information about the SIP please call the school.

Complaint Policy

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) has a complaint policy that provides parents and community members with a process to register their concerns. The policy is posted on the Division of Title I Programs (DTP) and the MCPS website.

MCPS has a procedure and form for parents and community members to follow when registering a complaint. These procedures can also be found on the DTP and the MCPS website.

Parent Information Resource Center (PIRC)

The Maryland State Parental Information Resource Center (PIRC), is designed to assist Maryland parents and educators to address issues related to family involvement and closing the achievement gap. PIRC operates under the umbrella of the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium (MAC), building on MAC’s more than 25 years of experience working with Maryland parents and schools to improve student achievement.

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