About Our School

Principal: Dr. Bernard X. James, Sr.
Assistant Principal: Ms. Sindy Dominguez

Kemp Mill Elementary School , built in 1960, underwent a total modernization in 1995-96, its first tech modifications in 2007, and a most recent tech modification in 2012. We continue to benefit from learning and working in this sparkling clean, beautiful and up-to-date facility.

Kemp Mill is part of the MCPS reduced class size initiative: the student/teacher ratio in first and second grades is approximately 17 to 1 and 16 to 1 in our all day kindergartens. Currently, about 489 students attend Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5. Other instructional areas include a computer lab, media center, art and music rooms, gymnasium, reading and math labs, special needs resource room, speech/language and ESOL rooms. In addition to our Counseling staff and bilingual parent community coordinators, parent and family support is provided by our health room, front office staff and Linkages to Learning.

Exclusive to Kemp Mill Elementary is our Dual Language Program in Spanish and English. Initiated during 2001 and extended officially in 2007, students from English-speaking families learn alongside students from Spanish-speaking families in classrooms taught by teams of 2 teachers - one instructing only in Spanish; the other, only in English.

Our student population is wonderfully diverse racially, ethnically, culturally and linguistically. Our highly experienced teachers and support staff exhibit their deep commitment by meeting or exceeding benchmarks for all our student groups on the Maryland School Assessments, including African American, Hispanic, Special Education, and Limited English Proficient. A comprehensive behavior program based on positive incentive and systematic support affirms caring actions.

As a federally funded Title I school, Kemp Mill has additional professional staff, para-educators, instructional materials, extended learning opportunities in the summer and after school that benefit everyone; as well as additional professional development for our staff and cultural arts events for all students.

Kemp Mill is a safe, exciting and nurturing place to learn. Please come by to visit when you are in the area.