Code Purple Virtual Learning

Dear Kemp Mill Families,

Please read the information below related to Kemp Mill's Virtual Inclement Weather Day Plan for the 2023-2024 school year, in case MCPS announces Code Purple: Virtual Learning Day.


  • Regular meal service will not take place when the school system shifts to the Virtual status.
  • MCPS has identified 20 geographical sites located throughout the county for the potential of meal service if Virtual instruction or closures are anticipated to last multiple days. Depending on safety, accessibility, deliveries, and utilities, MCPS will communicate if any of the sites will provide “meals to go” for a virtual day.

Mental Health/Family Support

Click here:  Purple Plans for WBLA


  • In advance of a Purple operational status, our Pre-K teachers will provide Pre-K program families and Pre-K Special Education program families with centrally created instructional materials. 
  • Activities have been translated in English and Spanish. They are designed to promote active engagement in learning between our students and their caregiver(s), over the course of several days, without the aid of additional tools that may not be accessible within each family’s home or childcare setting.       

School Schedule


All teachers will use Zoom to connect with students during scheduled class time. It is in the Zoom that teachers can push out assignments, videos, and directions for logging into myMCPS Classroom (Canvas) if necessary. MyMCPS Classroom (Canvas) can be used to communicate the syllabus, class assignments, class resources, assessments, due dates, and Zoom links. Schools may create a shared Google Sheet of Zoom links to communicate to families and help troubleshoot when needed. 

Zoom Rooms Links

Zoom information in the KMES Zoom

Together We Can!

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