Community School

"Community Schools provide well-being, academic, and extracurricular support services needed to enrich the community in equitable ways. "

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Community School Brochure FY23 (English)

Our Team

Ms. Gloria Jones

Community School Liaison - I build relationships with students, families and community partners and provide wrap-around services that enhance and enrich our community school.

Ms. Ruth Meininger

Parent Community Coordinator

Mr. Jeovani (Longstreet)

Wellness Trainer - Executes a structured wellness program to promote an emotionally healthy and physically active lifestyle

What are Community Schools?

An evidence-based strategy for providing equitable services and outcomes to students, families, and communities to create academic success.

What do Community Schools do?

  • Partnerships

  • Referrals and Case Management

  • Physical Health Care

  • Parent Workshops

  • Community Outreach

4 Pillars of Community Schools

  1. Integrated Student Supports - Community schools take a “whole-child” approach to supporting students’ educational and life success--paying attention to social and emotional needs. 

  2. Expanded and Enriched Opportunities - Essential to schools’ capacity to support students’ academic growth, as well as to help them develop socially, emotionally, and physically. 

  3. Family and Community Engagement - Fostering relationships and building the capacity of stakeholders and the schools to leveraging local resources and ongoing engagement of families. 

  4. Collaborative Leadership Practices - Developing a shared vision and goals and creating participatory practices for distributing responsibilities, a community school leverages the collective expertise of all of its stakeholders. 

Wraparound Services

  • Enrichment

  • Resource Coordination

  • Wellness & Mindfulness Practices 

  • Medical Screenings

  • Behavioral Health Services

  • Family Engagement and Support