Harmony Hills Elementary School

Currently, we serve over 700 students in Pre-K through grade 5. More than 25 different countries are represented and 18 different languages can be heard during the school day.

Our Motto: "There is Harmony in Diversity"

Our Vision: We are a diverse community of innovative and collaborative partners that creates a welcoming, inclusive, and affirming environment to empower all to succeed regardless of differences such as race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, region, religion, language, age, and ability.

Our Mission: We are leading with compassion to elimintate barriers and equip all students with skills to achieve success by becoming effective leaders and problem solvers.

Our Mascot: Husky


Dr. Rawlison Ms. DaSilva
Carole_E_Rawlison@mcpsmd.org Amanda_R_DaSilva@mcpsmd.org
Principal Assistant Principal

Front Office

Ms. Pineda Ms. Ovalle
Marlene_Pineda@mcpsmd.org Glenda_Y_Ovalle@mcpsmd.org

Contact Us

Address: 13407 Lydia Street
Silver Spring, MD 20906
Phone: 240-740-0780
Fax: 301-962-5976
School Hours: 9:25 a.m.-3:50 p.m.
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