Welcome to The Hill


The Harmony Hills' school community takes great pride in the cultural diversity represented in the student population. Currently, we serve over 750 students in Pre-K through grade 5. More than 25 different countries are represented and 18 different languages can be heard during the school day.

Our Motto: "There is Harmony in Diversity"

Our Vision: We are a community of lifelong learners rooted in effective effort, trust and hope whose relationships create a safe, inclusive, and collaborative environment where all are empowered to succeed. 

Our Mission: Leading with compassion and high expectations, we equip students will the tools they need to unleash their own potential by becoming independent learners and expert problem solvers.

Our Mascot: Husky



Click on the image to view the HHES Distance Learning Schedule: 

 Harmony Hills Distant Learning Schedule

Counseling Update - New Website!

Visit the Counseling Team & Mental Health Website here.   You and your family can talk with us, watch videos, join read-alongs, do fun activities and find other helpful information during this time of distance learning.