School Information

2022-2023 School Hours:

  • 9:00 - 3:25 Students
  • Doors open at 8:40

Delayed Openings, Early Closings & Snow Days:

Sometimes it becomes necessary to close or delay the opening of school because of inclement weather or other emergency conditions. Information can be found at the following sources:

  • Montgomery County Public Schools Web Site - The MCPS home page immediately displays emergency announcements (in bold red letters at the top of the page) when appropriate.
  • Subscribe to the MCPS Newsfeed - Receive alerts to your computer about early dismissals, emergencies, and other news.
  • E-mail Notification - Sign up for our e-mail news service, QuickNotes. To subscribe, enter your name and e-mail address under "Get MCPS QuickNotes." Subscribe to QuickNotes
  • Telephone Information Service - Call 301-279-3673 for recorded information.
  • Cable TV - Cable Channel 34 is available to all county residents with cable television access through converter box mechanisms or cable-ready television sets.
  • Local radio and television stations - Tune in to local stations for information.
  • MCPS Twitter

Instructional Support Services:

  • EDUCATIONAL SERVICES TEAM (EST): The EST is a group of staff members who meet with parents to discuss and to offer special consideration to children who are having difficulties in learning or other school related matters. Referrals to the EST are made by staff members and parents. The meetings are to provide a forum to discuss a child's need and recommend appropriate next steps towards helping the child meet with greater success. Parents are informed of such meetings and are urged to attend and participate.
  • ESOL: English for speakers of other languages. Helping students with their English proficiency.
  • READING SPECIALIST: Tests and diagnoses children in placement for reading. Teaches children on a regular basis who have special needs in reading instruction. Helps teachers plan and evaluate their teaching and acts as the testing and gifted & talented coordinator.
  • SPECIAL EDUCATOR: Consults with classroom teachers of children with special needs. Conducts diagnostic evaluations, provides skill instruction for children with learning disabilities. Students are scheduled on the basis of the requirements of the Individualized Educational Program (I.E.P.) for each student.
  • SPEECH PATHOLOGIST: Evaluates speech, listening and language skills of children referred with suspected communication problems. Meets with students in small groups or individually to build skills in these areas; makes recommendations to parents & teachers concerning learning needs.
  • GUIDANCE COUNSELOR: Works with students in a counseling and advisory role on individual problems or concerns common to elementary aged children. Available to discuss matters with parents about their child.