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The Georgian Forest Media Program will support the instructional focus of scholarly conversations and academic language through a robust instructional program. The instructional program includes but is not limited to: quarterly research projects, inquiry-based learning, reinforcing academic language used in the classroom, and building student capacity as successful 21st-century learners.  In addition, the Georgian Forest media program encourages a lifelong love of literacy by building a diverse collection of literature that can both reflect the experiences of our scholars and open up new worlds to them.

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Digital Citizenship:

The CommonSense digital citizenship curriculum used by MCPS extends to all grades, K-5, to help scholars stay safe online and be aware of the impact of their online actions.  Scholars in all grades have been learning how to stay safe on the Internet and how to protect their identity.  There is also a separate branch of CommonSense designed for parents, dedicated to providing media reviews (books, movies, websites, and apps) and age appropriate guidelines.  

Here is more information related to the lessons that scholars will complete this 2020-2021 school year:


  • Media Balance is Important               English   
  • Pause for People                                 English     Spanish
  • Safety in my Online Neighborhood   English     Spanish
First grade
  • Pause and Think Online                     English
  • How Technology Makes You Feel     English     Spanish
  • Internet Traffic Light                         English     Spanish
Second Grade
  • We the Digital Citizens                        English
  • That's Private                                       English      Spanish
  • Putting a STOP to Online Meanness   English      Spanish
Third Grade
  • This is Me                                      English     Spanish
  • Our Digital Citizenship Pledge      English     Spanish
  • The Power of Words                      English     Spanish
Fourth Grade
  • My Media Choices                                     English     Spanish
  • Private and Personal Information               English    Spanish
  • Keeping Games and Fun Friendly              English    Spanish
  • A Creator's Rights and Responsibilities     English    Spanish
Fifth Grade

CommonSense Media Blog:

Links to Online Resources

The following online resources are used by scholars not only in media, but in their classrooms as well!  Did you know that students may access these resources at home?  In order to access these resources, please see Mrs. Haley or Mrs. Burch in the media center for user names and passwords for at-home use!



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