Counselor's Corner

Our awesome counselors, Ms. Borkin and Ms. Joseph!

Our awesome counselors, Ms. Borkin and Ms. Joseph!
Here is a copy of the parenting presentation from the November Parent Merienda:


Meet the Counselors

Ms. Margaret Joseph


Ms. Joseph is the K-2 School Counselor at Georgian Forest. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Psychology at York College of Pennsylvania and her Masters of Education in School Counseling from Loyola University. She provides small group counseling, SEL lessons, and brief individual counseling. In her free time she likes hula hooping and playing with her niece and nephew.

Mrs. Borkin

Ms. Abigail Borkin


Mrs. Borkin is the school counselor for Grades 3-5. She has a Masters in Social Studies Education from New York University and a Masters in School Counseling from Bushnell University. She provides brief individual counseling, classroom guidance lessons, and small group counseling. In her free time you can find her playing with her two children or going on a hike with friends.


Counseling Sessions Include:

Individual sessions

  • Counselors at Georgian Forest provide short term individual counseling. Students may self-refer themselves to the counselor using the counselor notes placed in every classroom. Teachers and parents may also refer students to the counselor through the teacher referral system or by email.
  • Individual counseling does not require parent consent prior to counseling. If you would like your child to opt out of individual counseling please contact the counselor.


  • Small group counseling will be implemented as needed, and cover topics relevant to the student’s needs.


  • Social emotional counseling lessons will be presented monthly in your scholar's general education classroom. Topics may include, but are limited to, personal body safety, the Georgain Forest school-wide expectations, bullying, career planning, and friendship.