Eli’s Buddy Bench!

Elias Hsueh-shan Woods On November 2, 2015 a group of GPES staff and local families dedicated a new “Buddy Bench” in the GPES playground to the memory of Elias Hsueh-shan Woods.

Placed on the southwest side of the playground near the basketball courts, the bench is meant to encourage community and friendship among the children and staff of GPES. Any child (or adult) who feels the need for a buddy may sit on the bench; if you see someone there, go ahead and join them!

Elias “Eli” Woods was a student at GPES from 2011-2013, in kindergarten with Mrs. Hardwick and in first grade with Mrs. Down.

Eli passed away from brain cancer on July 1, 2013. He absolutely loved GPES and the wonderful people he met there. He always had a buddy at GPES, and we want all GPES kids to know that they can always find a friend at Eli’s Buddy Bench.

Eli's Buddy Bench
People Who Love Eli

Eli's Buddy Bench
For All GPES Kids!

Eli's Buddy Bench
Eli's Buddy Bench!

The Buddy Bench was donated to the school by Leah Brannon and Karl Thompson, friends of Eli and Garrett Park. At the dedication ceremony, a plaque was attached to the bench naming it “Eli’s Buddy Bench” and designating it “For All GPES Kids!”