The Gaithersburg High School Wellness Center 

Vision: The Wellness Center envisions students healthy in body, mind, and spirit fully committed to high Academic achievement and models of leadership, strength, and success.  

Mission: The Wellness Center is committed to helping students in the school community reach their full potential by offering coordinated medical care, quality counseling, positive youth development, and health education experiences in a confidential and culturally sensitive manner.

Clients: The medical health care component serves students enrolled in the schools as well as their uninsured younger siblings, and Care for Kids enrollees living within the school’s zip codes. Mental health and social services are available to students enrolled in the schools and their families.

Hours: Typical hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9:00am-6:00pm. The Mental Health Counselor’s hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30am-3:00pm. During the school year, the Wellness Center Health Clinic hours are 7:30am-2:30pm.

Staff: The Wellness Center consists of a Site Coordinator, School Community Health Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistant, Nurse Practitioner(s), Pediatrician, licensed Mental Health Counselor, and Youth Development Specialist(s), and Parent Outreach Worker(s).


Health Clinic Staff 




Cheryl Coleman, RN 

School Nurse


Sandra Duncan-Gunn, CNA 

School Health Room Technician


Laurie Banach, MD 



Kathleen Howard, NP 

Nurse Practitioner


Maureen Rochelle,  NP 

Nurse Practitioner


Youth Development Staff 



Veronica Stroman 

Site Manager


Vanessa Carlo 

Youth Development Specialist

(Be Yourself & Achieve Programs)



Donnell King 

Youth Development Specialist

(AMEN & Distinguished Gentlemen Programs and Recreation)



Vanessa Simonson 

Parent Outreach Worker


Marcela Urtubey 

Parent Outreach Worker


Maia Barber 

Youth Development Specialist

(part-time: AFFIRM & Divine Divas Programs)



Marvin Rivas-Perez 

Youth Development Specialist

(part-time: Be Yourself & Achieve Programs)



Wendy Velazco-Weiss, LGSW

Mental Health Counselor

(Specialized Groups)




Services Provided 

Health Services

  • Diagnosis and treatment of minor/acute health problems
  • Gynecological care (NO contraceptives dispensed)
  • Immunizations
  • Laboratory testing
  • Physical Exams
  • STI/HIV screening
  • Vision and Hearing Assessments

Mental Health Services

  • Individual counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Crisis intervention

After-School Youth Groups

  • Encourage healthy development
  • Promote leadership, self-esteem, communication skills, goal setting, positive relationships, and substance abuse education.

Case Management Services (Individual & Family)

  • Academic Support
  • Child Care
  • Clothing
  • Educational /Employment Resources
  • Emergency Services
  • Eviction/Homeless/Housing Issues
  • Food Resources
  • Insurance Applications/Issues
  • Legal Services

Positive Youth Development After-School Programs 


Achieve supports newly arrived Latino immigrant students to build relationships amongst classmates and discuss assimilation to a new country.  Participants share their personal stories about transitioning to the US in a supportive environment.

AFFIRM works with young ladies to help them develop healthy ways of valuing themselves and learning how to embrace their powerful attributes.  AFFIRM aspires to build self-confidence, self-worth, and a sense of accomplishment.

AMEN is a brotherhood where young men have a healthy and safe place to express themselves concerning real life issues, such as how to resolve conflicts, how to handle negative peer pressure, and setting and pursuing personal goals.

Be Yourself/Se Tu Mismo consists of fun interactive sessions that focus on goal setting, leadership skills and teambuilding for Latino students.  It is a co-ed group which promotes building a strong sense of self and overall positive well-being. 

Distinguished Gentlemen targets young men who have completed other Wellness Center programs.  The group focuses on the importance of identifying future goals and developing an action plan for accomplishing them.

Divine Divas targets young ladies who have completed other Wellness Center programs.  Participants receive SSL hours as they complete a service project of their choosing that serves to benefit their community.

My Lead helps students get SSL hours by participating in community service projects and events in the community. The program is facilitated to also encourage leadership, communication skills, and goal setting.

Wellness Center Athletic Club promotes physical health and wellness through recreational activities, sports, and learning what the body needs to be healthy. Groups meet in the spring.


Enrollment in the Wellness Center requires the completion of an application by a parent or legal guardian. You may pick up a Wellness Center enrollment form from the GHS health room or guidance office.  Please complete all sections. The forms must be signed by a parent/guardian. Please return it to the health room.  


Wellness Center Application English                                

Wellness Center Application Spanish   


Key Contacts for more information:  


Cheryl Coleman, RN, SCHN

School Community Health Nurse 


(301) 284-4531 

Veronica Stroman

Site Manager  


(301) 284-4690 





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