Mission Statement


Gaithersburg High School promotes success for every student by providing an effective instructional program and educational partnerships. In a mutually respectful environment we celebrate diversity, encourage effort and support students. Students pursue rigorous academic opportunities in order to maximize potential and become self-sustaining members of society. We endorse the idea that the pursuit of excellence is fundamental and eternal.

Approved by Leadership Team, November 9, 2006
developed during Middle States Study

 Belief Statements 

  1. Every student can be successful.
  2. Children learn at different rates and in different ways.
  3. Every member of the community has something of value to contribute.
  4. All students have the right to learn in a physically and emotionally safe environment.
  5. Students should be able to access the resources necessary to be able to compete in every arena.
  6. Schools should encourage students to become socially responsible adults, while satisfying their intellectual curiosity through challenging and comprehensive curricula.
  7. An integrated interdisciplinary approach to learning enhances the educational experience and increases students’ achievement and knowledge.
  8. Education is the shared responsibility of the school, students, teachers, parents and community to give students encouragement and support to plot their pathway for success.
  9. Exposure to the arts, humanities, and career technology enriches the academic community.
  10. Attitudes and perceptions affect students’ ability to learn, as well as students’ self-esteem, which is directly related to their success.
  11. Respect is essential to the success of a society; thus, every individual and culture deserves respect. Diversity is strength.
  12. Life-long learning is essential for success in a dynamic world.
  13. Discipline with dignity and consequence creates a healthier school environment

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