Grading and Reporting


  • The due date is the day an assignment is due.
  • The deadline is the last day that an assignment will be accepted for credit. 


The make-up work policy is for EXCUSED absences.


It is not the intention of the policy to offer limitless retakes of the same assessment, or to reassess every assessment given.  Course teams or departments may decide that NOT ALL assessments will be offered for reassessment.

  • Students will be offered ONE reassessment opportunity for a specific assessment/task
  • End of course exams may not be retaken
  • End of unit assessments may not be retaken
  • Reassessment may be offered in a different format
  • The grade on a reassessment, whether higher or lower, replaces the original grade
  • Students who wish to reassess must meet the conditions set for reassessment which include but are not limited to a combination of any of the following:
    • completing original assessment/task
    • completing assignments required by the teacher
    • attending a study session
    • completing a tutoring session
    • completing a computer assisted session
    • completing assigned homework


AEHS will use the county percentage scale with 50% being the lowest failing grade.  A student who fails to attempt and assignment, or fails to turn in work before the deadline will receive a score of zero (0).


  • Homework will be graded as long as the skill being assessed has been taught and practiced.
  • Homework checked for completion may account for a maximum of 10% of the marking period grade.
  • Teachers must tell the students ahead of time whether or not the homework will be graded.  Whether graded or not, homework always counts!  If a student does not complete homework, he/she will not have the opportunity to reassess.