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Student Service Learning Opportunities


Student Service Learning Coordinator: 
Phone: 240-740-2710

Earn SSL Hours during your summer vacation

Remember the service must be with ORGANIZATIONS and OPPORTUNITIES that are pre approved for SSL. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Students may chose organizations and opportunities that are already pre approved at AND


Students must submit a completed MCPS Form 560-50 Application for SSL Special Activity in advance of any service for prior approval.


Graduation Requirements

SSL is a graduation requirement in the state of Maryland and our students meet the SSL graduation requirements in connection with non-profit, tax exempt organizations (see exceptions to non-profit tax exempt status in Questions About SSL on the MCPS web site)."

Students may earn up to 10 SSL hours per semester for serving as a student aide.  The supervisor/teacher overseeing the student must follow the 3 phases of SSL—preparation, action and reflection.  (They must prepare the student by identifying what the need is they will be addressing in that position etc, what the expectations are of the student, they will supervise the action phase and assist the student in the reflection phase.)

Will I get SSL hours by participating on a sports team?

The guidelines as to how students earn SSL hours with sports teams and performances were modified in 2004. The modification occurred in response to concern from the MSDE regarding quality service-learning activities and growing concern by the MCVolunteerCenter of the increased need in Montgomery County. The superintendents advisory board approved modifications to the then SSL program to increase the focus on real need in the community.


Students involved in athletic and entertainment events sponsored by MCPS may earn SSL hours if the events themselves are paired with a service-focus (a special audience must be invited, a portion of the proceeds must be donated to a charity or a collection must be taken at the time of the event.) The event itself must be promoted as one where a service activity is also occurring (Come to the event on Thursday night and bring a canned food item for Manna Foods) etc. If so, every member of the team or performance event can earn hours for the "game" or "performance".

Community Activists

Students interested in earning SSL hours for service to an individual seeking public office must first submit a completed MCPS Form 560-50 to you for approval.  The form must be approved in advance of any service.

SSL hours may not be earned for any door-to-door neighborhood canvassing or telephone solicitation for donations.  All service must be performed in a public place under the supervision of an adult representing the organization.  Parents cannot supervise the SSL activities of their children.