East Silver Spring PTA



The East Silver Spring Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA), like all PTAs across the nation, addresses issues that are important to parents and public school administrators. Membership is open to everyone. The ESS PTA is autonomous but supported by a national structure. Join today!

Why join the ESS Parent Teacher Association (PTA)?

Research proves that kids do better when parents are involved. When you join the ESS PTA, you become more informed about your child’s school experience. You’ll get to know other parents who have the same goal—student achievement and a positive and enriching school environment. You’ll see what challenges ESS faces, as well as the many opportunities we have. You’ll be a positive role model for your children, who will see how much you value their education. 

East Silver Spring Elementary School, with its diversity of cultures and languages, is more than just a school—it’s an important part of the community it serves. Your voice is very important! Joining the PTA gives you the chance to share your opinions and work with parents, staff, and teachers toward common goals. Together we can work toward building a more inclusive community and help our children thrive!

Who can join?

  • Parents, grandparents, teachers and staff, alumni, friends and family, small businesses and corporations are welcome to join the ESS PTA. Any and all are welcome!

What kind of participation is expected of PTA members? 

  • The ESS PTA welcomes participation of all kinds! You don’t need to commit a lot of time or resources. We welcome all members, whether or not you can commit to volunteering.
  • If you are able to volunteer, there are many opportunities available to support the school outside the classroom. We would love to hear about your skills and interests!

Where do the funds raised by the PTA go?

  • Student enrichment programs – Panda Club, Takoma Park 5K, Run Club, assemblies, International Week, etc.
  • Community social events – International Night, Family Fitness Night, Kids Night Out
  • Scholastic Book Fair – Revenues from the Book Fair go toward improving the school’s literacy programs enabling our library and Reading Specialist to purchase additional books, providing author visits and additional resources for our students.
  • Field trips
  • Teacher and staff appreciation events
  • Parent education programs
  • Additional fundraising initiatives that benefit the students, teachers, and the school.

What can you do today?

  • Join the PTA: renew your membership or become a member.
  • Attend meetings to meet teachers, administration, and other families.

Participate! Stay informed, ask questions, and attend activities throughout the year. We want to hear from you.

Join the PTA today!

                      2022-2023 ESS PTA Board Members

President – Netsanet Worago, president@esspta.org

Vice President – Lisa Meister, vp@esspta.org

Treasurer – Arielle Mir, treasurer@esspta.org

Secretary –  Christie Enders, secretary@esspta.org

Fundraising Coordinator – fundraising@esspta.org

Volunteer Coordinator – volunteer@esspta.org

Community Outreach Chairperson – membership@esspta.org

Communications Chair – communications@esspta.org

Teacher/Staff Appreciation - teacher_appreciation@esspta.org

Parliamentarian – parliamentarian@esspta.org

MCCPTA Delegate – delegate1@esspta.org

MCCPTA Delegate – delegate2@esspta.org

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. -Benjamin Franklin

                                              Our Mission

The ESS PTA exists to collaborate with all ESS families to support the activities and interests of our children. Our PTA sponsors many enrichment programs and community-building events for students, parents, and teachers throughout the year, helping us celebrate our diverse and dynamic community!

                                               Our Vision

To make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and community to advocate for all children.

Please click on the ESS PTA website to find all the information you need about our organization!