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Mrs. Meuer and Mrs. Kuzmackis

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School counseling delivers prevention and intervention services that support the academic, personal, interpersonal, health, and career development of all students. Counseling services are provided in whole class lessons, small groups, or individual counseling sessions. As Diamond's counselors, we are a resource for any child, family, or staff member in the school. Parents may contact us by phone, email, or written communication. Students are seen individually or in a small group at the request of the student, parent, teacher, or administrator. Any student may ask to see the counselors by putting a note in a pocket folder located on the back of the Counselors' door, by notifying their teacher, or by asking directly. The Counselors' pocket folder is checked everyday and students are seen as promptly as possible.

Programs at Diamond


Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports guide our school climate at Diamond Elementary.  Our students are expected to be respectful, responsible, and safe.  Staff teach specific positive behaviors in all the settings in the school.  Students practice these positive behaviors on a tour of our school and keep a passport of expected behaviors in their data notebooks.  Every morning, our students begin the day with morning meeting (from Responsive Classroom) to build community and set a positive beginning to the day.  Students monitor their behavior in their data notebooks indicating blue, green, yellow, or red.  One student from each class is selected as a Blue Dolphin Student of the week.

Bucket Filling 

Students and staff fill each other’s buckets (invisible or real) by using positive words or behaviors to make others feel good.  Likewise, students and staff fill their own buckets by being proud of their behavior and actions.  Students learn to protect their good thoughts and feelings by using a lid (strategies to calm down and solve problems) on their bucket so no one can dip into their bucket and empty out their feelings.

No Put-Downs Skills 

Counseling lessons are taught in grades Kindergarten through Fifth grade on the No Put-downs curriculum from National Center for Youth Issues.  The school-wide approach leads to a common language and continued practice of skills.  Students learn to think about why someone is using put-downs, how to stay cool if it happens, how to shield themselves from getting their feelings hurt, how to choose a response to address the put-down, and how to build up themselves and others.

Counseling Resources

Parenting Resources

American Academy of Pediatrics

American Counseling Association 

American Psychological Association

American School Counseling Association  

Character Counts! Book List  

National Association of School Psychologists

Jewish Social Service Agency (JSSA)  

Maryland State Department of Education's Autism Website  

Montgomery College  
Montgomery College offers a variety of programs for students of elementary school age and for their parents.

Montgomery County Public Schools Parent Academy  
301-279-3100 or 301-517-5940
The Parent Academy is for all parents and will offer eighteen different workshops, many repeated at varying times and locations, during October and November.  Additional workshops will be offered starting in January.  Topics include understanding the school system, computer skills, understanding ADHD, bullying prevention, high school graduation requirements, helping teens make good decisions, helping your child succeed in middle school and more.  Courses will be taught by MCPS staff and a variety of community organizations.
The workshops are located at schools and other sites throughout Montgomery County. Most are scheduled on weeknights at 7 p.m. and are free of charge.  Child care will be provided for children ages 4 through 12.  Interpreters in multiple languages will be available at the workshops if they have been requested on the registration form.

Parent Encouragement Program  

Anti-Bullying Resources Bullying Prevention and Response

Stop Bullying Now