Academic Support Team


From left to right:

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Who We Are



Ms. Erin Turner

Special Education Resource Teacher

Mrs. Dency Mani

Special Education Teacher 

Mrs. Beth Maybach

Ms. Kate Steinwandel

Mrs. Kathryn Hageman

Special Education Teacher 

Special Education Teacher

Staff Development Teacher

Mrs. Amy Nacelli

Reading Specialist 

Mrs. Christie Meuer     

School Counselor 

Mrs. Daina Kuzmickas School Counselor

Mrs. Diana Koch     

Ms. Gila Roth

Speech Language Pathologist 

Part-time Speech Language Pathologist

Mrs. Edna Chou 


Mr. Alex Poetzschke 


Special Education Paraeducator


Special Education Paraeducator


Mrs. Shuba Waghode 

General Education Paraeducator 

Mrs. Deb Scott     

Ms. Ashe Joseph

General Education Paraeducator

General Education Paraeducator



  MCPS information    


    Technology Information and Resources 

   Identification and Evaluation Process for Special Education 

     Description of how students receive special education services  

   Parental Safeguard   

     Parental rights brochure from the Maryland State Department of Education  

   Parent Guides      

     These guides will give you an overview of the grade level program and explain what your child will be

     learning in art, mathematics, music, physical education, reading/ language arts, science, and social


   Reading Curriculum Information   

      Reading targets for grades K-5 and an overview of the reading process 

   Reading BCR Rubric   

      Information about how reading written responses are scored 

   Math Curriculum Information  

      Overiew of the math curriculum 

   Math BCR Rubric  

      Information about how math written responses are scored