Grade 7 – Journey Through  Africa In-School Field Trip 

On Friday, December 15, 2017, our 7th graders will experience an in-house field trip with the theme Journey Through Africa - Exploring Cultures.  This will be a day of interdisciplinary learning and global connections that will help our students experience a piece of the African culture.  There will be an African drumming performance, mask-making, guest speakers, an African buffet, and more!  The cost of this trip is $9 and can be submitted to your child’s advisory teacher.  Permission slips will be sent home through advisory classes the week of November 6th. 

As we seek to have students take part in this global experience and increase their appreciation of the many cultures and traditions found in Africa, we are in need of volunteers to help make this day one of authenticity, exploration, and excitement for learning.  We invite you to share your experience and knowledge of African cultures, geography, history, and languages as a guest speaker or come and help with our African lunch buffet!  See the link below for more details and to sign up!


Please contact IB MYP Coordinator Elizabeth Gall with questions. 


Journey Through Africa Permission Slip

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