Dear Briggs Chaney Families,

We look forward to seeing you next year. In order for you to maintain and strengthen your basic language skills, we urge you to read and write as much as you can during your months away from school.

In Montgomery County Public Schools, Summer Reading has been an expected practice in middle and high schools and an encouraged practice in elementary schools since 1998. The ability to read is crucial to an individual’s success in school and on the job. Reading is a life-long skill that a person needs to succeed not only as a student but also as a worker and a citizen. Perhaps even more importantly, reading opens the world to a person through periodicals, textbooks, and literature. By reading, individuals have the opportunity to learn about people, times, regions, and ideas that they may never actually encounter in life. Reading can also bring a lifetime of pleasure and mental fitness.

Research strongly suggests that reading, like most skills, improves with practice and decreases when we don’t engage in it for even a short time. Therefore, consistent with our commitment to prepare all students for success during school and after graduation, we continue in MCPS to expect all students to read during the summer.

For you to be better prepared for English, read at least one book of your choosing. This book must be at an appropriate reading level and contain at least 100 pages. We suggest you consider the list of books included with this letter and select titles that you have not previously read. Visiting your library and discussing your choice (s) with the librarian is another method to use in your search for appropriate books to read. Also, bookstores give you the opportunity to examine many books and to locate those that interest you.

As you read the novel, write down notes about the setting (where and when the story takes place), the characters (describe the characters’ appearance and actions), and the plot (the problem, the main events, and the resolution to the problem). Use your notes to complete the attached assignment. Making connections is an important reading strategy. Be sure to note connections you have made with the major characters or situations/events that take place in each book. You will want to record related quotations or short passages from the texts to support your connections. Take enough notes so that you will remember your book in August. If you read any other books, keep a list of the titles and authors. The notes sheet is a homework assignment worth 10 points.

Click here for the summer reading packet: Summer Reading Packet

Remember to find some good summer reading and enjoy your summer.


The Literacy Department 

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