Career Academy Programs

Application Process

The application window for Academy Certification closed on March 1. Applications are now being evaluated. Be sure to continue to check in with your Mentor Teacher to make sure you are meeting your Project Requirements.

Capstone Projects should be completed and approved by your Mentoring Teacher by May 1, 2018.

Capstone Application Process

Capstone Application

The Capstone Application is should be filled out and returned to the Career Academy Coordinator.

Capstone Experience Description and Planning Sheet

After you  have filled out the online application, be sure to fill out the Description and Planning Sheet.  You will need to share this information with your mentor teacher.  This Planning Sheet should guide you and your Mentor Teacher during the process of completing your Capstone Project.

Description and Planning Sheet



James Hubert Blake High School operates under an academy structure. Also referred to as Smaller Learning Communities, academies promote connections among students and teachers. They also build teamwork and leadership skills, guide students in course selection, encourage academic challenge through rigorous courses, and prepare students for future careers through relevant course content and connections to the community and workplace.

Students begin the Blake program in ninth grade as members of the Freshman Academy. Teams of students share core teachers and receive academic support to help them make a successful transition to high school. Throughout the freshman year, students determine skills and interests that align with future career areas and are introduced to the Blake Career Academy themes:

During ninth grade and beyond, students select an academy affiliation and a Career Academy Pathway to focus their elective course selections. Students and parents make the academy choice, with guidance from teachers and counselors.

Career Academy Pathways provide an opportunity for students to complete course work related to career themes in preparation for future education and careers. The interests, needs and academic goals of each student determine what pathway they enter and what courses they choose.

Affiliation with a career academy does not mean students are being asked to choose a career while in high school. Academy activities expose students to concepts and information that broaden their understanding of workplace opportunities and expectations. Students are not limited to courses in their pathways or academies. In fact, academies often share courses that are interdisciplinary, so students from several academies might take the same course. As part of our pathway development, we have added some unique course opportunities and sequences that were previously unavailable at Blake. As always, students may take any courses of interest offered at Blake. Academy pathways guide students in their course choices, but students are not required to complete a course sequence.

Those students who do complete a required sequence of academy courses and a related capstone experience receive academy certification. Learning is most successful when it can be connected to specific, concrete applications. Capstone Experiences allow students to apply their academic education to authentic, real-world projects and further develop leadership and teamwork skills. Capstones at Blake might be an internship at a theater, business or science lab; a research project mentored by a NASA scientist, museum curator, or IBM executive; a video documentary, dance or music composition, or student-directed play completed for entry into a national competition; a leadership position responsible for producing a Blake activity or event. Staff and career professionals mentor students as they demonstrate their applied learning in these settings. We expect that Career Academies will instill an increased sense of engagement for our students, staff, parent, business and higher education community.

Freshman Counselors:

  • Ms. Smith
  • Mr. Tolbert

9th Grade Team Leaders:

  • Ms. Pam Rowe
  • Mr. Hector Morales
  • Ms. Cindy Loveland
  • Ms. Nancy Auslander

Frequently Asked Questions

Career Academy FAQS

The "who, what, when and why" of our academy plan. 

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