Advanced Placement Classes and Exams

  • Students enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) courses are expected to take the AP exams in May 2023.
  • AP exams will be administered per the College Board schedule from May 1 to May 12, 2023.
  • The fee for regular exams is $101. The fee for capstone exams is $151.
    • Note that after school starts information regarding fee waivers will be available. A fee waiver covers part of the cost of exams.
    • Finances should not be a barrier for a student taking an exam. If there is a concern, please contact Anita O’Neill, Assistant Principal, to  determine a solution.
  •  Students will “register” for their exams through the MyAP Portal. They
    must join for each AP class they take. When students join the portal, a
    response of “undecided” will show for “order test”. Students must change
    their selection to YES or NO by November 1 (for every class/test). If the
    deadline is not met, there will be an additional $40 late fee for ordering
    a test.
  • In addition to the late ordering fee, the College Board will also charge $40
    for any test that is canceled after November 15 or not taken during
    administration. Please note that the $40 is charged regardless of whether a student qualifies for a fee waiver or not.
  • The payment window for AP exams is between December 15, 2022 and
    February 28, 2023. Specific directions or payment will be shared in
    • Any exam not paid for by the February 28 deadline will be
      canceled and the $40 College Board cancelation fee will be charged.


Any questions please contact